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A range of sizes and materials exclusively for your coffee cups. We also offer a range of cup sleeves and lids to compliment your products.

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    Coffee Cups

    Welcome to Packaging Lab's coffee cup collection. Our extensive range of single-wall and double-wall coffee cups is designed to meet your unique coffee and beverage packaging needs. Whether you're a bustling café or an office pantry, our coffee cups are the perfect choice for serving hot and cold beverages. Our single-wall coffee cups are a fantastic balance of quality and affordability, ideal for busy mornings and on-the-go customers. Crafted to provide a comfortable grip and efficient insulation, they ensure that your customers enjoy their coffee without any discomfort. On the other hand, our double-wall coffee cups offer superior insulation and are perfect for keeping hands cool while sipping a hot beverage. These cups are designed for an indulgent coffee experience, making them a go-to choice for gourmet coffee shops and discerning coffee connoisseurs.

    At Packaging Lab, we understand the importance of eco-friendliness. That's why many of our coffee cups are crafted from sustainable materials and are fully recyclable. By choosing our eco-friendly coffee cups, you're not only enhancing your brand but also contributing to a greener planet. What's more, our coffee cups can be personalised to reflect your brand's unique identity. Whether it's your logo, brand colours, or messaging, our customisation options ensure a truly personalised and memorable coffee experience for your customers. Our design team is here to work closely with you to realise your vision. Exceptional coffee packaging is not just about aesthetics; it's also about functionality. Our coffee cups are designed for a comfortable hold, easy use, and environmental responsibility. We take pride in providing high-quality coffee cups that meet and exceed industry standards, offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality or style. Elevate your brand image and enhance your customers' coffee experience with our coffee cup collection. Choose from single-wall and double-wall coffee cups, lids, and accessories, and experience the art of packaging that tells your brand's story. Shop our coffee cup collection today and make a statement with every sip.

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    Coffee cups are more than vessels for your daily brew; they're an essential part of the coffee ritual. Our premium coffee cups are designed to enhance your sipping experience in every way. Crafted for coffee lovers, our cups offer exceptional insulation, keeping your beverages at the perfect temperature while ensuring a comfortable hold. Whether it's a morning latte or an afternoon espresso, your coffee stays just the way you like it. Customisation is key. Brand our coffee cups with your logo or artwork to create a lasting impression on your customers. Showcase your brand while they enjoy their favourite brew, increasing brand visibility and loyalty. Available in various sizes, our coffee cups cater to all coffee types, from a quick shot to a grande cappuccino. They also pair seamlessly with lids, making them ideal for on-the-go coffee runs. We value sustainability. Our coffee cups are made from eco-friendly materials, making them an eco-conscious choice. When you choose our cups, you not only enhance your coffee service but also reduce your environmental footprint. Choose our coffee cups to elevate your coffee service, enhance your brand, and contribute to a greener planet. Perfect for cafes, businesses, and coffee enthusiasts alike, our cups are designed to bring joy to every sip.