Work done for the company Chai Guys. Bianco

Work done for the company Chai Guys. Bianco



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Chai Guys is a thriving chai tea company known for its high-quality, handcrafted blends and commitment to authentic flavours. As the company expanded its reach and entered new markets, it recognized the need for a packaging solution that would effectively communicate its brand values and engage customers on multiple levels. To achieve this goal, Chai Guys sought the expertise of a bespoke packaging company renowned for its creative and sustainable packaging solutions.


We embarked on a design and production process that aimed to create an engaging experience for Chai Guys' customers. The packaging solution needed to effectively convey the aroma, flavour, and craftsmanship associated with Chai Guys' products. After multiple iterations and feedback sessions, the final production had to a combination of eye-catching visuals, tactile elements, and sustainable materials.


The packaging utilized vivid colours, inspired by the spices used in Chai Guys' tea blends. We had to ensure the print quality was vivid enough to capture illustrations of chai spices, teapots, and steaming cups of tea, representing Chai Guys' commitment to authenticity and tradition. To enhance the sensory experience, the packaging incorporated a tactile element into the design. The durable uncoated paper stock gives customers a tactile impression of the intricate craftsmanship behind Chai Guys' products. The visually striking and minimalist packaging attracted attention from customers, resulting in increased brand visibility and positive brand recognition.

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