Case Study: The Remarkable Packaging Solution for Crème

Case Study: The Remarkable Packaging Solution for Crème



These case studies demonstrate our innovative approach packaging that ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness without compromising on the quality or integrity of the products. Through our collaboration with different brands, we reinforce our commitment to excellence and continue to prove our expertise in the bespoke packaging industry and cement our reputation as a trusted partner for businesses seeking exceptional packaging experiences.


Items: Bakery Bag, Cake Box, Carrier Bag, PET Cup, Greaseproof Paper, Napkins

The Brand: 

Crème is a high-end dessert shop specialising in big cookies, soft-serve ice cream and coffee founded by Executive Chef, Jeremy Coste. Jeremy was trained in classic French patisserie at Institute Paul Bocuse, followed by a period working under 2 Michelin-Starred chef Jean Francois Piege in Paris.

The Task:

Crème approached our bespoke packaging company with a crucial challenge, they needed a packaging solution across their range that showcased their products in an exceptional light and aligned with their brand values of elegance, sustainability, and innovation. We embarked on this task with determination, creativity, and a deep understanding of their vision 

The Outcome:

After meticulous research and collaboration, we developed a series of products that surpassed their expectations. Our team ingeniously crafted magnet boxes, coffee cups, napkins, and PET cups that seamlessly combined functionality and aesthetic appeal, resulting in a remarkable outcome.

The packaging we produced not only captivated their target audience but also displayed the essence of their brand in an unforgettable way. Every detail was carefully considered, from the strength of material to the gold foil choices to the incorporation of cutting-edge locking techniques, ensuring a harmonious blend of durability and sophistication.

Our packaging for Creme exuded a sense of luxury and exclusivity, reflecting their highquality products. The elegant design elements and flawless finishing touches elevated their brand to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on consumers and setting them apart from their competitors. 

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