Items: Cold Cups, Foil Wrap, Wet Wipes, Napkins, Foil Bag 


The Brand:

Smoky Boys is a rapidly growing restaurant chain with a reputation for its mouth-watering burgers, tantalizing flavours, and vibrant atmosphere. With multiple locations across the country, the company focuses on delivering high-quality food made from fresh ingredients. As part of their commitment to excellence, Smoky Boys recognized the importance of enhancing their brand experience through innovative and visually appealing packaging.

The Task:

 Smoky Boys approached us with several key challenges:

a. Brand Consistency: Smoky Boys aimed to extend its brand experience beyond the physical restaurant setting. They sought packaging solutions that accurately reflected their brand identity, including their logo, colour palette, and overall aesthetic.

b. Durability and Protection: The packaging needed to be sturdy enough to protect the food during transit, ensuring that the dishes arrived at their destination in pristine condition.

c. Functional Design: The packaging solution needed to be user-friendly for both customers and delivery drivers, enabling easy handling, transportation, and consumption of the food.

The Outcome:

We worked closely with Smoky Boys to develop packaging that seamlessly integrated the restaurant's brand elements. Our production incorporated the brand's logo, colour scheme, and typography onto the packaging, reinforcing brand recognition and consistency.

We also carefully selected materials that met Smoky Boys' requirements for durability, food safety, and sustainability. The result was a Strengthened Brand Identity. The bespoke packaging solution helped Smoky Boys maintain a consistent brand identity across all touchpoints, extending the dining experience beyond the physical restaurant. Customers could now enjoy the same visual elements and sense of familiarity when ordering food for delivery or takeaway.

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